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This is a Sharp Labs product.

A wrapping contains 100 capsules. Every capsule contains L-arginina 1500 mg and L-ornithine 750 mg of pharmaceutical gradation (so it is ultra pure and of quality).

This combination of nutrients has been proven to help powerfully in:

· Weak orgasm and orgasmic pleasure

· Soft erections and low erection control

· Weakened sexual drive and desire

Other ingredients are : gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica.

The product has no adverse side effect, as the manufacturing house says.

Usually 3 capsules a day are taken.

This is a good product which stimulate the growth hormone and the nitroxides !

Then it can be used in positive way in case of baldnes, 1-2 capsules in the evening before sleep in empty stomach.

Doc Feel Good is well tolerated by most highly allergic individuals and uses no tablet coatings or colorings. No added flavors, colors or sweeteeners. It is packaged in a bottle for optimum quality and freshness.

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