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It is a Spencer Forrest product. It is a really interesting product. Similar to Toppik. This is a spray product.

Each can contains has 98 grams.

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Fullmore is a revolutionary new concept in the treatment of thinning and balding hair. It is formulated for men and women who want to look better. The product works quickly, covering bald spots but also adding texture and fullness. It covers bald spots and thining areas. It is easy to apply as it is a spray. It adds texture while covering. It stays on your head until you wash it. It does not contain mess, drugs or surgery. You can find it in the natural color you prefer. You will look younger. Give to your fine hair volume. Feel yourself confident and better.

Q. How does work for balding hair ?
A. It is a scientifically formulated hair thickener, which adds texture and volume to your natural hair. Unlike other hair treatments, it is a special blend of spaceage polymers that actually bond to your natural hair. In seconds, thin hair will look thick and full again.

Q. Will people be able to tell I'm using the product ?
A. No, unless you tell them.

Q. Will rain cause Fullmore run or streak?
A. No, if you follow the instructions carefully and reapply hair spray when needed, it shouldn't cause you any concern or embarrassment. If you're still worried, protect your head with an umbrella.

Q. Will the product cover all types of balding hair ?
A. Its work is the best because the aerosol powder clings to existing hair. If your bald spot has a little peach fuzz growing, it will be able to bond to it, adding thickness and covering the area.

Q. What kind of spray should I use?
A. We recommend Toppik FiberHold Spray. Feel free to experiment unitl you find a spray that satisfy you.

Q. And if I need a touch-up at the end of the day? Do I have to wash my hair and start the process again?
A. No, you don’t have to. If you think you need a touch-up, just apply hair spray and gently re-style your hair.

Q. Should I remove Fullmore when I go to bed or can I sleep with it on?
A. It's all right if you sleep with Fullmore on, however, you shouldn't be alarmed if a bit falls on your pillow. It's natural made of the special adhesive qualities of the polymers used. It can be washed easily. When you  wake up you can re-style your hair by dampening it and using a brush and blow dryer, or you can shampoo and reapply.

Q. I'd like even more volume and thickness to my natural hair. How can I achieve this?
A. It is asy! All you have to do is apply Fullmore as instructed, and then repeat the process.

30-Day  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : If you don't look younger and feel more confident from the first application, simply return the can of Fullmore, even if it's completely empty, within 30 days of receipt of your order. We'll refund the entire purchase, no questions asked.

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