Indian J Exp Biol 1997 May;35(5):483-6

Influence of cigarette smoke on cross-linking of dermal collagen.

Madhukumar E, Vijayammal PL

Department of Biochemistry, University of Kerala Kariavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Effect of cigarette smoke on collagen crosslinking was studied in male albino rat skins. Skin samples taken for the analysis on 120th day of exposure to cigarette smoke showed that, compared to controls, the exposed animal had a decreased tendency in the percent reversibility of neutral salt soluble collagen gel, susceptibility of insoluble collagen to denaturing agents and bacterial collagenase. Electrophoresis on SDS-polyacrylamide gel revealed a marked increase in the beta components of the collagen of the rats exposed to cigarette smoke (5.34%) and an appreciable decrease in the ratio of alpha/beta (7.78%). An increase in the aldehyde content of neutral salt soluble collagen was also noticed (32.11%). These changes collectively could indicate the increased crosslinking of dermal collagen in cigarette smoke exposed rats.

PMID: 9378518, UI: 98017799

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