Transcutaneous absorption of ketoconazole in infant after application of Ketoderm

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Passage transcutané du kétoconazole chez le nourrisson après application de Ketoderm.


Levron JC; Taieb A


Laboratoire de Pharmacocinétique, Laboratoires Janssen, Boulogne.


Therapie, 46: 1, 1991 Jan-Feb, 29-31


The percutaneous absorption of ketoconazole was studied in 7 infants (1 to 5 month of age) with extensive seborrhoeic dermatitis (greater than 50% of the surface area), after application of a 2% ketoconazole cream (Ketoderm). The plasma concentrations of ketoconazole were measured by HPLC at the first, 5th and 10th day of the treatment. Despite the large surface involved, plasma levels ranging, from 0.018 to 0.133 micrograms/ml were measured. These values are low, as compared with the concentrations observed following oral administration (4 to 9 micrograms/ml), and suggest that the occurrence of systemic dose-dependent side effects is very unlikely. A careful monitoring of prescription remains however necessary.

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