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Dietary isoflavones for managing the symptoms of menopause naturally. Manufactured by Novogen

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Promensil is rapidly becoming the product of choice for both women approaching menopause and those who are currently experiencing it.

Promensil is the result of over 15 years of research and development.

Isoflavones are natural plant hormones and are found in almost all fruit, vegetables and cereals. Scientific research has shown that   women in communities who consume high levels of legumes containing isoflavones manage menopause with few symptoms.

Isoflavones are effective in relieving symptoms of menopause including hot flushes, maintaining well being and quality of life.

Promensil is derived from the legume red clover. Red clover has a high isoflavone concentration compared to other plants. Red clover contains the 4 important dietary isoflavones that are present in typical diets of Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean communities. Promensil has been developed to supplement our diet by closely mimicking the isoflavone intake of these communities. Foodstuffs such as soy contain lower concentrations and only 2 of the 4 important dietary isoflavones.

Promensil assists women by the supplementation of isoflavones to help manage the symptoms of menopause naturally.

Promensil is standardised to contain 40 mg of isoflavones in each single daily tablet. Trials have confirmed that one tablet per day is the appropriate daily dose for most woman. Promensil tablets are blister packed for increased freshness and hygiene.

Promensil clinical trials have also proven that Promensil is well tolerated. In fact, over 90% of clinical trial volunteers in three trials chose to continue on Promensil after the completion of their trial.

Promensil has been extensively tested and tailored to local dietary requirements for women. Trials have confirmed that Promensil is well tolerated and the 4 isoflavones derived from red clover are effective in naturally relieving symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes, maintaining well being and quality of life.

How long does it take before I will see the benefits of Promensil?

Some women report benefits in the first week depending on the symptoms being experienced. The response may vary with the individual. Our research suggests up to 5 weeks. If you have had absolutely no change in your well being after six weeks then you should contact your doctor or Novogen, as we may be able to suggest possible ways to improve the efficacy of Promensil for you.

How does Promensil compare to soy?

Soy only contains genistein and daidzein, which are two of the four important isoflavones. The extra two found in Promensil– formononetin and biochanin, are in the traditional diets of some Asian, Mediterranean and Central American communities, as they are found at lower levels in chickpeas, lentils and certain varieties of beans. Research suggests these two additional isoflavones are thought to have unique health benefits and are important to human health, therefore demonstrating the need to consume all four important isoflavones.

Are there any side effects with Promensil?

There have been no product-related side effects reported from our clinical trials in women to date. Over 600 women have participated in trials. In particular:

No weight gain
No breast tenderness
No bloating
No migraines

If you have any possible concerns about taking Promensil, please give us your feedback and importantly, consult your doctor for further advice if necessary.

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