Say Goodbye To Frontal Baldness With REMOX

Left, right, straight down…it's amazing what lengths men and women will go to when trying to cover-up frontal baldness. Color sprays, hats, and of course, the universal disguise that has "swept" the nation--the infamous sweep-over hairdo--growing the hair long enough to comb it to one side. The result? Sadly unattractive and obvious.

As most men and even women today know, battling baldness is no easy task. Many over-the-counter lotions, electronic gadgets and specialized medical formulas claim to aid in the re-growth of hair, but have very little to no success. Thanks to Dr. Oscar Klein, NYC internist, psychiatrist and director of Physicians Hair Growth, there is hope yet for the hair-challenged with a customized regimen of Remox, the most effective treatment to date that can prevent and rejuvenate premature hair loss in six months or less.

The Remox system, designed to expedite the natural hair growth process, consists of a special formulated spray and lotion. The spray (Remox I), comprised of 5% Minoxidil and .025% Retin-A ® (marchio registrato), is used like a perfectly absorbed cosmetic hairspray and disappears into the hair within 10 seconds. Unlike traditional sprays, it is a fine mist, which is both colorless and odorless. As advised by Dr. Klein, a patient will lightly spray the scalp three times a day. The lotion (Remox II), a combination of 12.5% Minoxidil, .O1% Hydrocortisone, and .025% Retin-A ® (marchio registrato) is applied to the scalp nightly. Remox II has the highest concentration of Minoxidil available by prescription only, which is key for optimal results. Dr. Klein also recommends supplements to his patients to increase the effectiveness of natural hair re-growth.

"Treatment for each individual is unique. A personal consultation via telephone or e-mail determines what a patient needs for an effective hair campaign," explains Dr. Klein. Each region of the head requires specialized attention, therefore treatment for the front hairline differs from the center or the sides." Frontal baldness (the temple area) is the most common problem in hair loss. Consequently, it is also the most difficult to treat. According to Dr. Klein, "This region is the thickest part of the scalp, making it largely resistant to penetration. Remox II is the only medication on the market today that actually breaks that barrier. The lotion is able to penetrate the scalp and is quickly absorbed by hair follicles allowing for hair rejuvenation," touts Dr. Klein. Moreover, the treatments are totally safe as they are topical and non-systemic.

Both the Retin-A ® (marchio registrato) and Minoxidil ingredients in Remox have been used separately by dermatologists for over 15 years, but never used synergistically as a hair treatment. It is not advised for patients to try and self treat hair loss with either of these components. Retin-A ® (marchio registrato), used alone could potentially cause some irritation or burning to the scalp, because it is a mild acid. When applied as a specially formulated cosmetic spray as Remox I it will not cause burning or irritation. Remox is easy to apply, non-irritating and makes for painless hair re-growth. According to Dr. Klein, "Patients can expect hair loss to stop within six to eight weeks. And new hair growth will begin within eight to twelve weeks."

Results obtained from the Remox formula are far superior to competing topical remedies, because other applications are poorly absorbed by the scalp and internal medications may only focus on one part of the hair re-growth process. Upon completion of the Remox treatment, there are no complications, unlike with other treatments, in which the hair can fall out again within a week.

So if that "sweep-over" do is just not for you, or if you are just plain-old tired of trying to cover up baldness from every angle, do something about it...something that works!

Oscar Klein, M.D. is an authority on hair loss and can address any issue on the topic of hair growth.