What are the main products you provide through your clinic?

Dr. Klein: Mi clinic   is a medical center that provides its patients with the latest most innovative treatments for hair re-growth available today. At present, our primary medical treatment is Re-mox ™, a proprietary medication that is a combination of Minoxidil and Tretinoin, with an inert stabilizing agent and moisturizers. Re-mox comes in various strengths and is practically tailor made for each individual patient. We also prescribe Propecia, (a well known antiAndrogen,) a medication produced by Merck pharmaceuticals. Besides these medications, we also carry a wide range of ancillary supportive hair products.

How do you handle consultations?

Dr. Klein: It is a unique medical service because we provide a free one-on-one personal medical consultation for each and every individual. This is done either personally at our office or by phone.

How effective have you found your combination of Minoxidil and Retin-A « (marchio registrato) to be?

Dr. Klein: Re-mox ™ is the most effective hair re-growth medication in existence. We have determined on hundreds of our patients that we achieve new hair growth in over 90% of our clientele. This is to be expected because Retin-A « (marchio registrato) greatly improves absorption of Minoxidil into the scalp and greatly increases the concentration of the active medication at the hair follicle, which produces superior hair re-growth results. It is postulated that Minoxidil increases the circulation to the dormant hair follicles (those in the “telogen” phase) thereby accelerating the Anagen (growth phase). The superior effectiveness of the Minoxidil and Retin-A « (marchio registrato) combinations has been documented by many medical researchers. The first studies date back as far as 1986 when “Bazzano et al”, 1 demonstrated the superior absorption of Minoxidil when combined with Retin-A « (marchio registrato) in an article in the American Journal of Dermatology 1986. Many researchers since then have repeated her findings and found them to be valid. Also, don’t forget that both Minoxidil and Retin-A « (marchio registrato) are medications that are FDA approved, which means they have been tested thoroughly and extensively. FDA approval means that the medications have been found to be safe, effective, reliable and valid in their claims. This is a very important factor that all consumers should be aware of.

How much more effective is your Minoxidil formula when used with Propecia?

Dr. Klein: Propecia and Minoxidil are the only two medications that are FDA approved for hair re-growth. They are perfectly complimentary to each other. Re-mox ™ is a medication that stimulates hair re-growth by increasing the circulation to dormant hair follicles. Propecia on the other hand, is the most effective DHT blocker known. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT by blocking the action of the enzyme alpha-reductase. Therefore, by using this combination of medications, we get the benefit of increased circulation to the dormant hair follicle and the prevention of DHT binding to the receptors on the hair follicle (hypothesized to be a major cause of hair loss in alopecia and androgenetica “ MPB” male pattern baldness).

Are there any patients you recommend only Propecia to and not Minoxidil, or vice versa?

Dr. Klein: Most of our patients do very well on Re-mox ™ alone, but each patient is evaluated individually. Those patients that have long, sustained alopecia will probably benefit from a combination of Propecia and Re-mox. However, we almost never use Propecia without the concurrent administration of Re-mox because of the obvious advantage of using both. Propecia has not been found to be effective in women and is generally contraindicated in women.

What treatments do you recommend for women since they can not take Propecia?

Dr. Klein: As difficult as hair loss is for men, it can be absolutely devastating for women. Although balding men have several treatment choices, the lack of options available to women with thinning hair can cause even greater anxiety and low self-esteem. That is why we have developed Re-mox™ for Women (3% Minoxidil/.025% Tretinoin) in the form of a perfectly absorbed cosmetic hair spray. This formula produces very effective, natural hair re-growth and maintenance for women. We have also found that certain supplements such as Saw Palmetto and various antioxidants have been helpful for enhancing hair growth in our women patients.

Are there any reasons your specific Minoxidil/Retin-A « (marchio registrato) formula might be considered superior to other combinations by other companies?

Dr. Klein: As we mentioned previously, our approach to our patients is one-on-one and highly individualized. We do not apply a cookie cutter system to our clientele. Sometimes we tailor make our medications for our patients, i.e. (we reduce the amount of alcohol in the solution for patients who are highly sensitive to it.) Re-mox is a medication that is compounded of the highest quality ingredients and is tested at every stage. Also, we do not add ineffective, unproven compounds to our formula as they can often do more harm than good. Each form of Re-mox is thoroughly tested in our laboratories for effectiveness and safety before it is released to our patients.

Are you researching other ingredients to be added into your formula for increased effectiveness? If so, what?

Dr. Klein: We are always searching for new and improved ways to re-grow and maintain natural hair. We have tested and discarded many products, which are even now being promoted by other hair companies as effective treatments for hair re-growth. However, recently we have acquired some very exciting herbal products from the Far East that we are testing for effectiveness and safety. As soon as these products are found to meet our high standards, we will release them to our patients to improve their natural hair re-growth and maintenance.

Are there any adverse effects to be aware of with the use of our product?

Dr. Klein: Re-mox™ has almost no adverse effects since it is topically applied. There are also no systemic side effects. Very rarely, some patients may experience mild irritations of the scalp because of the drying effects of the alcohol in the formula. However, this is easily alleviated by changing the method of application.

Have you seen improved growth at the hairline with your product compared to Minoxidil alone?

Dr. Klein: Re-mox™ grows hair all over the head. It is true that the temporal areas of the scalp are the most common areas for hair loss in male pattern baldness. Frontal recession is genetically predetermined and is very difficult to treat. However, we have recently developed a new form of Re-mox™ which is 12.5% Minoxidil and Tretinoin in a perfectly absorbed, water-soluble lotion. Re-mox II™ dramatically increases hair re-growth in the temporal area because it is highly concentrated, thereby increasing the concentration to the miniaturized hair follicle and accelerating the anagen (growth phase).

Does your product help with any other hair loss disorders such as alopecia areata?

Dr. Klein: We have found that empirically Re-mox™ has proved to be effective in all forms of hair loss including alopecia areata. We have had some successful treatments for telogen affluvium, some autoimmune diseases i.e. (lupus) and alopecia areata. However, there has been no consistent, validated research that shows that these problems respond in the same way as male pattern baldness to treatment with Re-mox™.

What do you see as the future for the treatment of hair loss?

Dr. Klein: I believe that the treatment of hair loss is at the brink of great revolutionary breakthroughs especially in the field of genetic therapy. Scientists have already isolated the gene thought to be responsible for hair loss in experimental animal studies. I am sure that within the next ten years we will be able to prevent and treat alopecia of all kinds through genetic manipulation and recombination. However, until then, consumers should be aware that the safest and most effective hair re-growth can be obtained only through those treatments that are medically approved and FDA validated. Re-mox™ meets these standards. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers.

Dr. Klein operates in New York City.