The Author of this study wished to confirm the efficacy of ReMox (acombination Of Tretinoin and Minoxidil ) as a stimulant for hair re growth ,increase in hair volume And tensile strength of individual hairs in cases of alopecia

18 men between age of 20-45 with varying degrees of AGA participated in the study for a period of 12 months. This study utilized the double blind
method,a very objective scientific method to test a hypotheses. Each subject was randomly assigned to either the ReMox group or to a newly developed over the counter medication.

Neither the author Or the subjects knew the nature of the treatment they were receiving. Each client was  seen monthly, the scalp was examined and hair counts were measured under 6 times magnification and photographs were taken .The results, after 12 months based on hair  counts, objective reports by the participants and visual evaluation by both the author and subjects were consistent with expectations. There was an overall improvement of  96% in overall hair count, volume and tensile strength both in the temporal and vertex areas A surprising and unexpected result, was that, the new over the counter hair  re growth medication was almost as effective as ReMox producing a 93% increase in hair count in both the temporal and vertex areas. .This may indicate a totally new  approach to stimulation of hair re growth in individuals suffering from alopecia androgenetica.