Stimulation of hair growth by peptide copper complexes

Inventors: Pallenberg; Alexander J. (Duval, WA); Patt; Leonard M.

(Seattle, WA); Trachy; Ronald E. (Bothell, WA).

Assignee: ProCyte Corporation (Kirkland, WA).

Appl. No.: 261,475

Filed: Jun. 17, 1994

Intl. Cl. : A61K 38/04

Current U.S. Cl.:


Peptide-copper complexes are disclosed which stimulate the growth of hair on warm-blooded animals. In one aspect of this invention, the peptide-copper complexes are dipeptides or tripeptides chelated to copper at a molar ratio ranging from about 1:1 to 3:1, with the second position of the peptide from the amino terminus being histidine, arginine or aderivative thereof. The peptide-copper complexes may be formulated for administration by, for example, topical application or injection. Any affliction associate with hair loss, including hair loss associated with both androgenetic and secondary alopecia, may be treated with the peptide-copper complexes of this invention.

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