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->All smile 6 large (3cc ea) syringes of Perfecta 16% or 21% carbamide peroxide gel by Premier, 3 self molding trays, shade chart, convenient carrying tray case, complete easy step by step instructions US$ 105.95

smile.jpg (6293 byte)The EXACT Teeth Whitening and Bleaching products used by Dentists nationwide are available here.

The Carbamide Peroxide and the Custom-made Snug-Fit Dental Trays are all you need to achieve that great White Bright Smile in the privacy of your own home or office.

You'll have that smile of confidence knowing YOU have Bright, White Teeth!
Having your own Custom-Made, "Fits like a Glove", Dental Trays makes the carbamide peroxide gels bleaching process comfortable and effective

This whitening 11, 16 or 21 % carbamide peroxide gels really work!

All smile whitening system removes stains from your teeth--Safely, Quickly AND Permanently.

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All smile can whiten the following: tobacco stains, coffee stains, genetic stains , food stains, aging stains, tetracycline stains.

Years of research indicate no harm when teeth are whitened with a custom tray and this product, which is also FDA approved.

This professional strength solution is the most effective bleaching/whitening product sold. Dentists have been using this very same product for years and it is now available without prescription.

When you receive the impression materials, an easy to read instructions paper with pictures will accompany it.

Experience and research shows that 90-95% will experience whitening. White fillings, crowns and porcelain restorations will not whiten.

We guarantee that our product consists of a high viscosity 11, 16 or 21 % carbamide peroxide gel, the identical substance that is used by dentists nationwide.

The Professional Teeth Whitening System includes : 6 large (3cc ea) syringes of Perfecta 16% carbamide peroxide gel by Premier, 3 self molding trays, shade chart, convenient carrying tray case, complete easy step by step instructions.

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How to proceed?

    Place water in 1 qt. saucepan (min. 4 inches deep) bring to boil. Remove from heat.
    Place one u-shaped tray in hot water, for 10 to 15 seconds
  3. Carefully, remove tray from water
  4. Position tray onto upper teeth while tilting head backward
  5. Clouse your mouth and press your tongue onto the back of the tray to create a suction effect, with your fingers on the outside of your mouth press the front of the ray
  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for bottom tray
  7. For most effective use of our products, brush and floss before application
  8. Apply a thin line of gel across the front of the tray that will come in contact with the front of your teeth, do not overfill the trays, this will only waste the product
  9. Insert the filled trays into your mouth and position firmly around your teeth, remove excess gel with a tissue while trays are in place
  10. Do not eat, drink or smoke while the trays are in place, you can go about your normal daily activities while your trays are in place
  11. Keep your trays in place for at least one hour, two hours preferably
  12. It will take approximately 6-12 applications to get desired results
  13. When you are ready to remove your trays from your mouth, simply remove the trays over the sink and brush and rinse the trays and your teeth with warm water
  14. Store the trays in the case provided, store trays and bleaching gels in a cool, dry place, after treatment is completed store the remaining gels in the refrigerator. Shelf life is 2 years +
  15. You may wish to touch-up with one or two treatments every year or 18 months

Only natural teeth will whiten. Crowns and fillings will not whiten but will not be harmed.

Tooth whitening will not hurt your teeth.

Pregnant and nursing women: there is no hazard associated with whitening teeth. However, consult your physician for more specific recommendations. Some people experience temporary tooth sensitivity when whitening, if your teeth are sensitive, you can reduce the wear to one hour intervals two times per day.

Over the counter teeth whitening products may contain harmful acids and abrasives, this product are the highest quality available.

If gel contacts clothing, rinse with warm water. Teeth whitening is only recommended for use by adults 16 years and older, unless under direct supervision of an adult. If gel contacts your eyes, flush them with cool water for 5 minutes and consult your physician. If significant amounts of whitening gel are ingested, an upset stomach may follow.



Customer response :

Just had to email you, my dental trays fit so snug! I wore them at work this morning and the casino tonight. No one seemed to even notice them!
- M.H., Minnesota

It was so funny, nobody at the GYM could tell I was wearing my dental trays.
- J.B.U., Florida

Thanks for re-energizing my smile. I feel great.
- A.K., Texas

I am so excited about your kit. I paid my dentist $500.00 last year for the same kit. I bought All smile for touch ups, and it is the same thing. Why do dentist charge so much?
-Mary H., Arizona

I ordered this kit because you said it was so quick and easy, my teeth are so white. The kit was very easy to use, I can't believe the results. All of my co-workers are now using the kit, you have just saved us hundreds of dollars, thanks so much.
-Al., Alaska

This kit is awesome! The custom fit trays are the only way to whiten your teeth, I used other kits that did not have the custom fit trays and the results were bad. Your kit helped me get my teeth whiter than white.
-Tom S., Montana

We could not afford the high price that our dentist wanted to whiten our teeth, a friend told us about your kit. We are so excited about the results we thought that we would send you a before and after picture, Thanks for your help.
-Mike and Whitney, California

I work with the public and this kit helped me get a confident smile again, my customers always ask me what I use to get my teeth so white. I am so pleased to say that your product works, please send me some brochures so I can give them to my customers they all want to order All smile.
-Elaine U., Washington.

Thanks for helping me get that Hollywood smile, it was quick and easy. My co-workers can't believe how white my teeth are, they all are now using the kit, I never seen so many people smiling.
-Kim F., Michigan

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