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->Spectral RS 60ml 32 Oz. 30 day supply $US 34.99

Spectral RS ®  the most advanced minoxidil free formula that delivers astonishing results.

Package: 2 Oz. (60 ml) - 30 day supply Price: $34.99 USD

Spectral RS ® works by addressing multiple causes that lead to thinning hair such as perifollicular fibrosis and internal factors such as stress, hormonal disturbances, lack of vitamins and mineral salts, and the use of certain medications. 

Perifollicular fibrosis is a condition that accompanies all hair loss whereby the collagen around the hair root becomes rigid and tightens, pushing the root to the surface and causing premature hair loss. Other ingredients in Spectral RS ® help improve the nutrition, circulation, and metabolism of the follicle.

Spectral RS ® is an ideal treatment for men and women with generalized thinning hair.

Spectral RS ® is also an ideal treatment for individuals looking for a highly effective treatment that does not contain minoxidil.

Spectral RS ® does not contain any harsh chemicals, is pleasant to apply, and improves the over-all condition of the scalp.

Spectral RS ® can be safely combined with treatments for androgenic alopecia. Male pattern baldness and generalized thinning hair are two conditions that are closely related. Spectral.RS® can deliver astonishing results when combined with your androgenic alopecia treatment.

Clinically proven to increase hair growth, arrest fall out, and increase diameter of hair strands.

Uses nanosome technology to maximize delivery of compounds into the scalp.

Contains research grade ingredients including Aminexil ®.

Nanosome Encapsulation Technology : nanosomes are tiny organic micro-spheres that penetrate into the lowest levels of the skin and gradually release the ingredients over a 15 hour period.  All ingredients are derived from highest purity organic sources and work synergistically to deliver maximum results in the treatment of thinning hair.

 Key ingredients:


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply 14 or more sprays directly in the area of hair loss and thinning hair, twice per day. Hold the localized spray close to the scalp to avoid getting the medication on the hair. Massage the lotion into the scalp. Do not rinse. Spectral.RS® should be applied whether your hair has been washed or not. Spectral.RS® can be used in conjunction with topical treatments containing Minoxidil for dramatically improved effectiveness. 


The use of nanosomes in this product increases absorption of surrounding substances. Using topical treatments containing Minoxidil in conjunction with Spectral.RS® can increase the chance of Minoxidil side effects.

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