Tribulus Terrestris
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This plant is also called "Puncture" vine , from centuries used traditionally for increasing masculine and female fertility; to balance hormonal insufficiencies in men and women; for the protection of the liver, of the kidneys.

From the studies on the fertility, besides confirmed in full, there has been an increase of the endogenous production of Testosterone (TS) and LH hormone.

It is necessary to remember that the increase of the endogenous production, in natural way, has tied to the presence of a determined number of specific cells, that  modulate the hormonal synthesis and they are a protection from dangerous collateral effects.

The principal characteristic of the T.T. it is founded in fact in the not to unbalance the hormonal equilibrium.

T.T.  doesn't provoke an abnormal overproduction of the aforesaid hormones.

The increase of the levels of testosterone provokes an increase of the spermatogenesis and the time of survival of the sperms, it stimulates the protein synthesis, it favors a positive budget of the nitrogen, it facilitates the recovery of an intense physical effort.

The Tribulus Terrestris is therefore interesting for the one who wants to increase the Muscular Mass, the Strength, the Resistance and the Physical Power and not only, without duty to assume harmful substances remembering besides that it has a beneficent action on the liver, on the libido and on the sterility .

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