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The products of beekeeping from the Italian Prealpi mountains: all kinds of HONEY, fresh POLLEN, ROYAL JELLY and PROPOLIS.

A multivitamin supplement which keeps mosquitoes away: ZETASTOP.

A new revolutionary product created by NATURDIETA: it's called ZETASTOP® and it's a multivitaminic "jam" similar to ROBUR in composition (it's in paste form and the base ingriedients are honey and pollen) and in the way it should be taken (just a little under your tongue during the day) but it has highly specific properties: it keeps mosquitoes away! Yes, it really works! Today you can say goodbye to insecticides, electric vaporizers, mosquito coils, chemical sprays which spread into the air chemical substances that harm mosquitoes and are surely not very good for humans either. And say bye also to sticky and oily creams to apply on your arms and legs! Today a simple, easy and pleasant daily gesture is all you need; just remember to take a little spoonful of ZETASTOP® (with the special plastic spoon provided), a mix of entirely natural ingriedients that are also very beneficial for your general wellbeing, since they are rich of vitamins.

But how does ZETASTOP® work? Very simply: mosquitoes bite us because they are attracted by an odor of our skin which is perceived only by them. ZETASTOP® contains natural ingredients which alter this odor and make it disagreeable to mosquitoes. Nothing to fear however, our nose won't smell any difference - ZETASTOP® keeps away mosquitoes, not people! It's highly effective and totally safe, besides being beneficial for the organism thanks to its vitaminic intake . It contains no ginseng or guarana, so it has no exciting effect and can thus be taken also before going to bed in order to enjoy a good night's sleep without bites.

Mosquitoes show up with the first signals of coming warm season and hit hard throughout the summer. In some parts of the world they are a constant nuisance - and sometimes a danger too, due to the diseases they carry - all year round. Endowed with an exceptional adaptational capacity, in the past mosquitoes managed to resist even the attack of the powerful D.D.T. (the chemical insecticide that was later forbidden because suspected of being cancerogenic) and they are now more resistant than ever; one of their main sources of nutrition is polluted water. The insecticides used to spread on avenues and public parks do not solve the problem, since they eliminate only adult mosquitoes (and several other minor insects as well) but not larvae.

In the meantime, to avoid being pricked and bitten all over, you can safely use natural products such as ZETASTOP®, the multivitaminic product specifically developed by the Wonderup Sagl - Naturdieta beekeepers. After several trials, thourough research and clinical tests, Wonderup Sagl - Naturdieta was able to develop a mix of precious natural substances that work as a personal self-defense against the bite of mosquitoes. The product has been tested for a long time both on athletes and on ordinary people, with highly satisfying results in the vast majority of cases.

The multivitaminic product ZETASTOP® is a compound of Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Rosehips, Ginkgo, Ledum Palustre, Pollen. All these ingredients, totally natural, act in sinergy with the common aim of providing our body with a vitaminic compound able to modify the imperceptible aroma emitted by our skin in order to create an invisible barrier between us and the insect.

Some ingredients of ZETASTOP® - the natural mosquito-repellent

It surely needs no introduction, it's a precious natural food widely used for centuries throughout the world, and popular for its nutritional and beneficial properties. From the scientific point of view, it's a complex compound, and still largely unknown and under research - recent studies keep discovering new molecules and chemical groups, and new substances which though often contained in small quantities are however of great importance from the nutritional and pharmacological point of view.

It contains sugars, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Honey is also rich in enzymes which act by speeding up all the metabolic functions of the organism.
Composition - 100 gr honey contain: water 17 gr, proteins 0,3 gr, fats 0,2 gr, sugars 79,5 gr, vitamin B, PP and C, pantotenic acid, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese, sodium, sulfur, chlorine).


Pollen is not produced by bees, as is commonly thought, but simply gathered by them from flowers, and it is the raw material for the production of royal jelly. Each grain of pollen, in its microscopical dimensions, is a biological unity which contains all that is necessary to life: vitamins, proteins, twenty-one out of the twenty-three aminoacids known, carbohydrates, enzymes, coenzymes, sugars, growth hormones, minerals. In the nucleus of its cell, pollen enshrines the secret of life: the molecules of DNA and RNA which determine the function of all living cells.
Composition - 100 gr contain: water 60,5 gr, proteins 20 gr, fats 4,5 gr, sugars 15 gr, a large amount of vitamins (A, group B vitamins, C, D, E, PP, K), minerals (copper and iron), enzymes.


Royal Jelly is produced by the nurse bees' specific glands. It helps the organism by stimulating its natural defenses. Chemical analysis confirms its richness in elements that are indispensable to life, such as group B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, H, folic acid), minerals (phosphorous, copper, iron, sulphur, selenium), unsaturated fatty acids, aminoacids and hormonal substances. Composition - 100 gr contain: proteins 48,2 gr, fats 10,4 gr, sugars 38,8 gr, group B vitamins, vitamin C and A, minerals, estrogen-like factors, antitoxic and antibiotic elements.

Together with the other components of ZETASTOP® it forms an excellent mix, tonic for kids and teenagers during growth, for elders, during convalescence and for depression and tiredness. It thus widens the scope of action of the product, making it much more than just an insect repellent.


Propolis is gathered by bees from the buds and barks of trees. Its usual composition is: 30% beeswax, 50/55% resins and balsamic substances, 10% essential oils, 5% pollen.
Its msny medical and therapeutical properties have been widely acknowledged.. The medical use is justified by the following properties: antioxidant, anaesthetic, bactericidal, antimicotic, wound-healing, antiviral. More generally, propolis taken internally has been proven to have a variety of beneficial effects: improvement of the secretion of gastric juices (thus aiding digestion), antidepressant action, antifatigue (it inhibits the toxic effect of lactic acid on muscles), facilitates the absorption of vitamin C and of calcium.


This small blue algae found in lakes was first discovered in Lake Tchad (Africa) and in Mexican lakes. Its main feature is the richness in proteins and aminoacids, but the presence of carotenoids and essential fatty acids (linoleic gamma acid) is also very important. Spirulina feeds the organism thanks to the presence of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, G, E and minerals.


It's one of the many species of wild rose, largely present in the Italian countryside. The flowers and leaves are used in pharmacology as well as the fruits, which are the richest natural source of vitamin C, much more than citrus fruit (100gr of rosehips equal 40 oranges!).

The high vitaminic content supplied by Rosehips is one of the main factors making ZETASTOP® highly effective against mosquitoes - the richness in vitamins contained in rosehips and the all the other ingredients modify that odor of the skin perceived only by mosquitoes and make it disagreeable to them, thus keeping them off.


Originating in China and Japan, it's a legendary tree, older than 250 million years. It resisted the worst ecological disasters of the twentieth century, in particular the fallout from the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Its leaves contain very effective active ingredients (flavones, flavonoids, leucoantocians) which give it an antioxidant power in blocking the toxic free radicals. It's particularly known for its effect on circulation especially on the brain. Many clinical tests have proven its effectiveness on all levels of blood circulation. Increased circulation to the brain particularly improves mental sharpness, concentration, short-term memory, and cognitive ability.


It's a small plant from the shamrock family, and yields pods with small seeds. It's extremely rich in active ingredients with beneficial properties, among which lisine, which definitely increases the difficult absorption of calcium. It also contains glucids, protids, nuceloprotids, fosfatilicone and lecitine, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid, group B vitamins, Vitamins A and C, enzymes, saponins, flavonoids, and minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, easily and fast absorbed iron, potassium, sulphur, silicium). Also contains steroidal compounds and essential aminoacids not easily available in nature, such as Lisine and Triptophane (the quantity of lisine - as high as that in soy - makes it a highly nutritional food).

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