It's a natural ginger extract for joints, limbs and arthritis relief
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Manufactured by Eurovita International in Denmark.
Each Capsule contains:
225mg patented Ginger Extract EV.EXT™77 (equivalent to approx. 3000mg dried ginger rhizome and 1500mg dried galanga rhizome.

For more than 2500 years ginger has been used as an essential ingredient in traditional Chinese remedies for joints and limbs. Today, preliminary findings of a number of modern studies into the effects of ginger tend to support the ancient Asiatic beliefs. However, until now the effectiveness of ginger has been difficult to measure as the strength of the active ingredient (gingeroles) within the root change from season to season, from plant to plant and with country of origin. Also, gingeroles are very fragile and with most extraction processes can be easily destroyed. These problems can now be overcome with a world patented extraction process. The result is Zinaxin - a natural, high quality ginger product. Zinaxin is the first product in the world to guarantee that each capsule will deliver a 100% uniform ginger dosage of high potency active ingredient.

Many ginger based products, even in small quantities, can cause irritation of the delicate mucous membrane in the stomach. This is not usually the case with Zinaxin because the irritating ingredients (shogaoles) are removed in the extraction process.

Take 2 capsules per day with a meal, one morning and one at night. Results should be noticeable within the first 2-4 weeks. A slight heating sensation and often a taste of ginger may occur.

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