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The Package Includes: Hairmax LaserComb Brush w/a second set of combs and a rechargeable battery, Charging Station w/a universal (110V-220V) adapter, Premium Leather Travel Cas, User Manual, and Warranty Card.
It is a safely and naturally high tech solution.
Hairmax Lasercomb PremiumUS$ 495
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Laser beams             9
Life span                  10-15
Warranty              24 months
Beep feature                Yes
The HairMax LaserComb is a breakthrough Low Level Laser Therapy device designed for the general public to use at home. Developed in Sydney, Australia and highlighted by TIME Magazine as one of their ‘Inventions of the Year’. The HairMax LaserComb is a high quality ergonomically designed device made up of precision components. It is a high quality laser device that complies with USA laser product safety standards, It is manufactured and patented in the USA with other patents pending in 104 countries.

laser3.jpg (4475 byte)Laser Light Hair Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) is based on the scientific principle that light, even ordinary light, has a positive effect on cell function. We can see it during the summer when we are exposed for a long time to the natural sunlight. During this period our hair grows faster and looks thicker.

Clinical studies suggest that the use of cold beam laser light delivered with the correct power and at the appropriate wave length, has the ability to slow the progression of hair loss and help you see a fuller, thicker head of hair. laser4.jpg (6125 byte)

With Hairmax Lasercomb you can enjoy the hair retention, it is a low level laser treatment at home for hairloss. Lasercomb is a miniaturized, but equally effective version of professional Laser units costing up to $20.000.

There is also a less powerful version called Hairmax Lasercomb SE. "Imitation is the best form of flattery" and the LaserComb has been receiving its fair share. A handful of copy cat products have been introduced in the past few months. Lexington is taking legal action against those that infringe upon our patents. One of the problems with
the copy cat products is that they do not provide adequate laser energy or proper wavelength to be effective. These products are doing the laser hair industry a strong disservice. If a consumer purchases one of these inferior products and it doesn't work for them (it can't work for them because of the low power levels), then the consumer dismisses laser hair therapy completely.

In response, Lexington has decided to introduce the HairMax SE (HMSE). The HairMax SE is 30% smaller than the original LaserComb and requires more time to implement the treatment. We have reduced the number of beams from nine to five making the laser coverage 30% smaller and as a result increasing the application time. We are targeting the HMSE for a retail price of $395 and outline the major differences below:


  • Easy purchase plan.
    And no more high, ongoing costs

  • Amazing hair growth results from a LaserComb and Revivogen treatment combination : this hair loss sufferer used a HairMax LaserComb and Revivogen and saw his balding crown fill in just over a year later.   He started his hair loss treatment regimen on March 31, 2005 and by July 27, 2006 he had noticeable hair regrowth. According to his comments he used the LaserComb every day (not 3 days a week) and just held it in place for about 10 seconds in the balding areas.   He also used a natural topical DHT blocker called Revivogen each night.    He’s not sure what gave the most growth but most likely it was the combination of the two. The HairMax LaserComb and Revivogen are an ideal combination for people with hair loss who don’t want to use pharmaceuticals to regrow their hair. See the YouTube video for his results.

    Study - Clinical Data Shows Hair Growth with Hairmax Lasercomb

    BOCA RATON, FL, February 2007 – Lexington International LLC is proud to announce the landmark achievement of US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for their medical laser device, the HairMax LaserComb®. Through years of extensive research and clinical studies in the science of hair growth, Lexington has developed an affordable and convenient, hand-held laser device, now clinically proven to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia (Norwood IIA to V with Fitzpatrick skin types I to IV).

    To view FDA’s public record of this clearance visit .

    This FDA clearance of the HairMax LaserComb offers an exciting new modality for the promotion of hair growth in males. Until now, the FDA has only approved two other products as solutions to combat hair loss, a condition that affects approximately 55 million men in the U.S. But the HairMax LaserComb stands out as the only proven drug-free alternative. This gives many hair loss sufferers, previously unable or unwilling to turn to drug-based solutions, newfound hope in their battle. Fortunately, treatments using HairMax LaserComb are easy to administer, only 10-15 minutes three times a week, and the laser device is convenient to use in the comfort and privacy of your home.

    For the FDA submission, Lexington conducted an extensive clinical study in four different locations across the United States. The study concluded that 93% of the participants (ages 30-60) using HairMax LaserComb had an increase in the number of terminal (thick) hairs. The average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter increased by 19 hairs/cm² over a six-month period. During the study, there were no reports of serious adverse events. The number and types of adverse events were similar in both the active and placebo groups.

    Lexington’s clinical study investigating the efficacy of the HairMax LaserComb in females is near a conclusion and data will be submitted to the FDA shortly.

    David Michaels, Managing Director, shares his thoughts on this momentous announcement, "We are very excited that we have reached a major milestone in hair care and science. Laser hair therapy is the talk of the hair restoration industry today. And not only the results of this study are extremely significant, but with the credibility of the FDA clearance, we are soundly positioned to make a substantial impact in the emerging hair restoration industry."

    Dr. Matt Leavitt, Chief Medical Advisor to Lexington, expresses his enthusiasm on news of the FDA clearance, "The HairMax LaserComb is a method of treatment that can be a great help to men of all ages suffering of hair loss. I am impressed with the protocol and results from the clinical trials that Lexington has conducted. With the FDA clearing the HairMax LaserComb as a medical device, it offers an attractive option for hair growth for medical practitioners. We can now deliver a new modality to our patients and achieve strong user satisfaction."

    Randy Veliky, Lexington COO, concludes, "The HairMax LaserComb will revolutionize the hair growth industry, but we will not stop here. Lexington is dedicated to continue the research into laser technology. We will be expanding our knowledge in laser hair growth solutions to include freestanding clinical units, affordable laser panel arrays for the home market and broadening the features of our current products."

    For over 20 years, the directors of Lexington have been at the forefront of laser hair growth research. Born from passion for innovation, The HairMax LaserComb uses a patented technology to part the hair allowing the focused laser energy to reach the scalp. The laser is most effective when it has an unobstructed path directly to the hair follicle. Through extensive research, Lexington has determined the optimal wavelength and energy level needed to deliver maximum results. Lexington’s continued dedication to consistent innovation ensures that users are always receiving the latest in laser hair technology.

    About Lexington International, LLC Originating in Sydney Australia and now based in Boca Raton Florida, Lexington manufactures and distributes the HairMax LaserComb®  in more than 80 countries and has provided new hope and satisfaction to tens of thousands of customers since 2001. The HairMax LaserComb is based on 20 years of international research and studies on the effects of Low Level Laser use. Both the press and users alike have universally taken to the HairMax LaserComb. Coverage has included Dateline NBC, TIME Magazine, as one of their "Inventions of the Year", as well as the November 2004 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine.

    Lexington is an ISO 9001 & 13485 Quality Assured laser manufacturer. We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) of a medical device manufacturer. Clinical studies closely adhered to GCP (Good Clinical Practices) with a protocols and case report forms reviewed by an IRB (Ethics Committee). Lexington is also a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

    Lexington is a proud participant of "Team Florida" and has participated in high-level, overseas trade missions with Governor Jeb Bush. Additionally, the company was awarded by the U.S. Department of Commerce for "Commercial and Export Achievement".

    Using the Lasercomb for 10-15 minutes three times a week, you can see results that could only be achieved paying thousands of dollars in expensive medical clinics.

    Every time you use it, the Lasercomb sends nourishing light into your hair follicles to energize them and improve circulation. The cold beam laser invigorates the tissues of the scalp, and the red corpuscles that deliver life giving oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb.

    "I've used the Lasercomb for about 2 months with great results! Small hairs are appearing in my frontal hairline where there has been none for years. It also looks thicker and I have no more noticeable hair loss. The regimen is easier than topical solutions and my bald spot is also getting smaller in size and will probably fill in at this rate." -Bob Wilkins, Denver, CO.

    You can use the Hairmax Lasercomb by itself or with other treatments. Over time, hair follicles can weaken and hair growth can deteriorate. So act to energize your hair.

    With the Lasercomb, most people see noticeable results in just 2-12 weeks. The Hairmax Lasercomb complies with USA requirements for laser safety.

    'Cold-beam' laser technology of the type used in Hairmax has been internationally in salons use and hair clinics for many years in a broad range of hair care applications. The power level of the Hairmax is so low that it is virtually a mere vibration, one that is completely harmless yet effective.

    And rather than having negative "side effects", low level laser has been in use for many years by scientists and physicians for beneficial.

    The Lasercomb bathes your hair root with a nourishing light and is designed to energize your hair.

    Light is energy. Living cells "like" light and your hair is no different. The most common example of light converting into chemical energy is photosynthesis, where plants are fed via light converted into chemical energy.

    Scientific studies on cell cultures have shown that laser penetrates into soft tissue and increases the action of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is a major carrier of energy from one reaction site to another in all living cells.

    According to the eminent scientist Popp* living cells actually give out ultra-weak photons (light) with a coherence characteristic to laser.

    He theorised that soft tissue and fluids in our bodies actually vibrate! And they do this within a frequency range similar to that of low-level laser.

    Popp postulated that "sick" cells are "light-starved" and when irradiated with low level laser in the correct frequency range they become "light-restored" and healthy.

    Another scientific theories*  says that cells are largely dependant for healthy function on an exchange of energy and 'information' with surrounding cells. This is achieved via individual wave systems by which cells 'communicate' through inter-connective plasma - which is affected by low level laser working at quantum level.

    * Popp FA. On the coherence of ultraweak photon emission from living tissues. Kilmister CW (ed), Disequilibrium and Self-Organisation, 207-230. 1986 Reidel  

    *Wolbarsht ML. Ed: Clinical aspects of laser research.

    The laser used in Lexington International's Hairmax Lasercomb is the result of 15 years of use and research.

    The Hairmax Lasercomb complies with USA requirements for laser safety. This means we can ethically state benefits such as healthier, fuller, shinier and stronger hair. A submission for FDA medical approval as a hair growth product was in the planning stage for some time.

    “Moreover the Hairmax Lasercomb enhances the results of hair transplants,” continues Michaels. “We are confident that it will soon become an essential tool for hair transplant surgeons”.

    According to claims made in literature provided by the manufacturer Lexington International, “Within the first 6 to 16 weeks, you should notice early general improvements or activation of your hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalizing of scalp condition, shinier and thicker hair. Then, over the next few months, you may notice your hair gradually becoming fuller, stronger and denser. Also, as your scalp gets healthier, you may notice less dandruff and scalp irritation."

    Dr Glenn Charles, DO, a Florida-based hair transplant surgeon, became intrigued with the device and its possible uses. He wondered if in addition to helping patients with hair growth, the LaserComb could help speed up the healing process and minimize scarring in hair transplant patients. He also wanted to determine if there was less postoperative shock fall out (telogen effluvium) in hair transplant patient after using the device.

    Dr Charles approached the company with his interest and conducted clinical trials on some of his patients where he monitored their hair counts, hair color, and overall health of the hair and scalp.

    Appendix 3 Table 4
    Lexington International, LLC.LaserComb Clinical Study: IDE I020064
    11:10 Thursday, October 30, 2003 Boca Raton Study Patient Listing of Hair Counts and Outcomes


          Hair Counts 6 Months
    Patient Scalp Site Scalp Location Base 6 Mo Change % Change
    B01-RS A Frontal 132 192 60 45.5
      B Vertex 140 192 52 37.1
     B02-SM A Frontal 92 156 64  69.6
      B Vertex 100  196 96 96.0
    B03-JH A Frontal 100 172   72 72.0
      B Vertex 72 116 44 61.1
    B04-AN A Frontal 144 200 56  38.9
      B Vertex  112 192  80 71.4
    B05-JA   A Frontal 132 188 56  42.4
      B Vertex 140 168 28 20.0

    Furthermore the LaserComb has been demonstrated in this clinical study to work effectively in both the frontal hairline region and in the vertex or crown area.

    In a separate study that he conducted on 20 of his hair transplant patients, Dr Charles attempted to determine if patients who used the LaserComb immediately following surgery healed faster, had less shock fallout of original hair, and faster growth of transplanted follicles. Each patient in the study was instructed to only apply the laser light to the right side of the donor and recipient areas for 10 minutes each day. Follow up visits with comparisons of right and left sides were taken at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 6 months. According to Dr Charles, in all patients postoperative redness of scalp faded faster on the laser treated side. There was also less shock fallout and faster regrowth of newly transplanted follicles in all but 3 patients. In these 3 patients there was no measurable difference between laser treated and untreated side.

    After reviewing results of both studies Dr Charles feels very confident that the lasers cause no harm. (There were no adverse reactions or patient complaints from either study group), and that a significant percentage of people will benefit in one or more ways by using Laser Light Therapy. In hair transplant patients he feels that this may include decreased shock fallout of native hairs, quicker return to normal pigmentation of scalp, and faster growth cycles of the transplanted hair follicles. In non-transplanted patients there can be improvement of scalp dryness and flakiness (patients with seborrheic dermatitis). There may also be an increase in hair shaft diameter along with an increased number of total hair follicles. Some patients may even see more of their original hair color (pigment) after using the LaserComb. Overall, almost all patients felt that their hair and scalp felt healthier and fuller after using the Hairmax LaserComb.

    The Hairmax Lasercomb, which was named one of TIME Magazine's "Inventions of the Year" for 2001, is a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device also referred to as a Cold Laser. International studies have shown that Low Level Laser Therapy works by the principals of PhotoBioStimulation in which certain wavelengths of light in a directed beam increase the ATP (energy) of the cell at the molecular level. The laser energy may also increase blood and lymph circulation in the tissue. When a person is in the process of losing his or her hair, the follicles haven't necessarily died yet – they are just weak and have become dormant. The Lasercomb's light energy revives the resting follicles, as well as bolsters those that are still functioning healthily. "This is not the laser you saw in 'Star Wars,'" notes Michaels. "It's safe, effective biostimulative light."

    Your Money Back

    With the HairMax LaserComb you won't risk anything. If you're using the HairMax LaserComb for personal use and are not fully satisfied with the results, all you have to do is return it within 12-weeks of purchase and we'll give your money back (15% restocking fee of total cost will apply). We think that knowing some HairMax users’ experiences, you'll want to have your LaserComb.

    HairMax LaserComb - A Typical User Experience.

    Actual User Photos
    Hairmax Lasercomb Hairmax Lasercomb
    Before laser treatment
    After 4 months treatment
    After 1 year
    Photos of 26 year old female
    Before laser treatment
    After 5 months treatment
    Photos of Jamie
    Before laser treatment
    After 4 months treatment

    Australian client photo authenticated by a Notary Public

    Before laser treatment
    After 4 months treatment
    Hairmax Lasercomb
    Hairmax Lasercomb

    laser2.jpg (4401 byte)        laser1.jpg (4299 byte)

    HairMax makes the most advanced laser hair care
    technology as simple as combing your hair!

    As we know, skin cells ‘'like'’ light. Your hair is no different. The powerful, nourishing and effective laser light in HairMax LaserComb gives energy to your scalp and hair follicles.

    Through the scientific principles of 'PhotoBioStimulation', Low Level Cold Beam Laser therapy progressively improves the quality, strength and thickness of your hair over time. 

    Individuals vary, but within the first 6 to 10 weeks, you should notice early general improvements or activation of your hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalizing of scalp condition, shinier and thicker hair. Then, over the next few months, you may notice your hair gradually becoming fuller, stronger and denser. Over time, all users - men and women - usually notice progressively increasing benefits as they use their HairMax LaserComb. Conversely, once the usage stops, our experience is that hair and scalp conditions gradually regress back to where they were.

    Like brushing your teeth to maintain healthy teeth & gums, a regular HairMax usage is recommended. Three times a week for 10-15 minutes is sufficient to achieve results over time.

    BOCA RATON, FL, January 14, 2003 – The HairMax LaserComb, A Low Level Laser Device for hair received certification by the Canadian Government as a Class 2 Medical Device for claims and indications to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and stimulate regrowth of scalp hair in men and women.

    The LaserComb complies with USA requirements for laser safety and is patented in the USA with patents pending in 104 countries around the world.

    Q: When should I start having laser treatment?
    There's nothing more ageing or detrimental for a person's appearance of lifeless hair. If you begin late you will have less results.

    Once you start using your HairMax LaserComb, you may feel better about your appearance, and with an added sense of self confidence.

    Q: Does LaserComb work for everyone?
    Fresh air and exercise are good for your body, laser is good for your hair. So laser "works" on virtually everyone.

    Q: Is it safe?
    The HairMAX LaserComb complies with the USA requirements for laser product safety standard, section 21. 

    'Low-Level' laser technology used in HairMAX has been used internationally in salons use and hair clinics for many years in a broad range of hair care applications. The power level of the HairMAX is so low that it is virtually a mere vibration, one that is completely harmless yet effective.

    And rather than having negative "side effects", low level laser has been in use for many years by scientists and physicians for beneficial purposes (see section below: "How does general laser work?")

    Q: What about visual safety?
    The HairMax Laser Comb has been specially designed using low power requirements, for maximum attention to visual safety. (refer to warning label on product)

    Q: How do I use it? And how often?
    HairMax has been precision-engineered into a compact device. Use it three times a week for about ten minutes for optimal results.

    Q: How long does it take to see results?
    Maximum average is between 6 to 16 weeks, sometimes in only a few treatments. After that the hair gradually becomes thicker. Results are of course different for each individual.

    Q: Does it work on the whole scalp or only the back?
    A:  LaserComb's energy works on the whole scalp: back, front, top and sides.

    Q: Can I use it with other treatments?
    Yes. LaserComb can replace messy, twice-a-day lotions.

    If you wish to continue using these treatments, you can. Laser may complement their effectiveness, although it's also a stand-alone option.  

    LaserComb Cleared as Medical Device in Singapore
    December 30, 2003
    The HairMax LaserComb (a hand-held Laser PhotoTherapy device for thicker, fuller, healthier hair) has been classified as a Class 2a Medical Device in Singapore. The LaserComb was found to comply with quality, safety and performance requirements set forth by the Health Sciences Authority for medical devices.

    Lexington International Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification
    December 9, 2003
    Lexington International, developer of the HairMax LaserComb, a Laser PhotoTherapy device that energizes hair to become thicker, fuller and healthier, has earned ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13488:1996 certification from BSI, Inc., the world's largest Quality Management Systems registrar.

    HairMax LaserComb clinical data published in a Peer Reviewed Medical Journal Oct 3, 2003.
    LaserComb Device Stimulates New Hair Growth and Increases Hair Strength, According to a Report in International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology. This is the first time a clinical study has ever been published correlating Laser PhotoTherapy to hair growth. This is a 'Landmark Study' and was independently performed; the clinical investigators are not related to or financed by Lexington International LLC.

    HairMax LaserComb Certified for European Safety Standards with CE Marking Sept 05, 2003
    HairMax LaserComb the first hand-held Laser PhotoTherapy device for thicker, fuller, healthier hair, has received CE certification for conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives.

    HairMax LaserComb becomes a Class 2 Medical Device by Health Canada January 14, 2003
    The HairMax LaserComb, A Low Level Laser Device for hair received certification by the Canadian Government as a Class 2 Medical Device for claims and indications to the Canadian public to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and stimulate regrowth of scalp hair in men and women.

    HairMax LaserComb in Clinical Trials to present scientific data to the F.D.A for additional claims Sept 2002
    The HairMax LaserComb, a hand-held laser device that promotes thicker, healthier hair is undergoing clinical trials The data collected will be submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration in hopes of receiving market clearance for additional claims

    Medical Presentations
    Presentations made highlighting the HairMax LaserComb at major medical conferences. Dr. Martin Unger was the presenter. This is significant as the Medical Community in attendance has now been briefed about the LaserComb by one of their respected peers.

    Awards & Accolades




    Lexington International LLC becomes a member of 'Team Florida' and joins Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush on high-level trade mission to the United Kingdom.  July 2002

    Lexington International LLC
    receives an award from the USA Department Of Commerce presented by US Congressman Clay Shaw for ‘Commercial and Export Achievement’; Ft.             Lauderdale Aug 19 2002

    In the News



    TIME Magazine,
    Inventions of the Year, December 4, 2000
    HairMax LaserComb highlighted as one of the promising inventions of the year.

    CBS National News 'Early Show'- The Latest In Hair Loss Solutions, Jan. 14, 2004.  Used by men and women, the manufacturer claims low-level lasers make hair appear thicker and fuller. Clinical trials are under way to prove that the laser affects more than just the hair's appearance, but actually helps hair grow thicker and stronger, and possibly generate new follicles.

    EuropeanCEO, State-Of-The-Art Hair Care Device that can really grow on you.
    Dec-Jan 04.
    Introducing the most recent innovation for men and women, is the HairMax LaserComb, unlike its low-tech forbears, exploits the power of light. The device bathes the hair with a nourishing light that is designed to energize hair, create a non-toxic, energy charged environment for healthy hair growth, increase shine, vitality, fullness and manageability.

    Plastic Surgery Products, Technology Focus-Light Action, January 2004. For patients who want to revitalize their hair, HairMax LaserComb provides a new approach to thicker, fuller, healthier hair through advanced laser phototherapy.

    FOX News New York. HairMax for you!
    November 4, 2003.
    Feature story with Dr Steven Salvatore providing an overview of the HairMax LaserComb including patient testimonials and physician opinions.

    NBC News WPTV Palm Beach.  New Hope for Hair-LaserComb. November 6, 2003 Roxanne Stein interviewed Alan Bauman about his experiences and patient success with the HairMax LaserComb.

    Health News Digest, According to a Report in International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology LaserComb Device Stimulates New Hair Growth and Increases Hair Strength, Oct. 20, 2003 The safe and easy-to-use HairMax LaserComb, a comb-like device that exposes the scalp to laser light, leads to significant new hair growth and improves hair strength, according to a paper published in the summer 2003 issue (Volume 5, Number 2) of International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

    Palm Beach Post, Latest in fight against shine: laser Sept 11, 2003 . The LaserComb is low-level laser therapy, a lightweight light treatment that shoots laser beams from a handheld comb, stimulating hair . But "you have to have follicles there for the treatment to work," Bauman says. "If the scalp is shining through, you've already lost 50 percent of your hair."

    CBS News Miami,
    Dr. Sean Kenniff (of Survivor Fame),
    The HairMax LaserComb  August 11, 2003
     In medicine lasers can be used to wipe out wrinkles, bring blurry vision back into focus, lighten your pain, and whiten your teeth. And even though they're used to zap away unwanted hair, some say this sprouting technology can now be used--to sprout some hair.  Dr. Alan Bauman is a hair restoration specialist in Boca Raton, one of many using lasers in the battle against baldness. "Phototherapy is a brand new emerging treatment modality that promises excellent results for the vast majority of patients," he said.

    WNBC News, Help Your Scalp, Hair See Light,
    May 7, 2003
    Study: Laser Comb May Help with Hair . But does this comb work? Is this product the answer balding men and women have been searching for The Holy Grail of Hair ? Researchers have been studying for years to find it out. Officials in Canada are convinced the laser hair comb works. Studies in that country have shown the device can be benefitial.

    The National Hair Journal-US Edition, Canadians Approve Laser, Spring 2003
    HairMax LaserComb gets official OK. The manufacturer is predicting that laser technology will radically change the hair landscape. Front Page headline news.

    American Medical Review. Hosted by Morley Safer (of 60 minutes notoriety). .An inside look at the Medical Advancements improving the health and lives of individuals. The HairMax LaserComb was highlighted in one of their features. Distributed to Public TV

    Ripley's Believe It or Not, February 12, 2002
    Ripley's highlighted the HairMax LaserComb in one of their segments which included Dr. Woods (Australia) chest to head hair transplants. Both the LaserComb and Dr. Woods technique received the 'Believe It' validation. Thanks for your support Ripley's.

    The TIMES (UK), Worrying signs: hair loss January 8, 2003
    Minoxidil  lotion slows thinning, but is expensive and helps only one on three men and the results can vanish if you stop using it. Transplants are costly, slow and can make your head look like a reforestation project. The latest “miracle” is the LaserComb, which claims to bath hair with nourishing light. Or get a smart short haircut.   

    CIO Magazine, Hair-Raising Technology January 1, 2003
    IN THE WAR AGAINST baldness, weapons run the gamut—from spray paint and toupees to transplants and hormone-based drugs. Now the follically challenged can add laser technology to their arsenal.

    Sun-Sentinel (Florida) Hair Apparent, December 19, 2002
    High-Tech Tool: The HairMax LaserComb . And finally, there is Low-Level Laser Therapy, which Dr. Bauman says has been used in Europe for decades. Dr. Bauman says LLLT can stimulate the cells, increase hair count and hair caliber.  

    ELLE Magazine, Electric Company HairMax LaserComb, December 2002. The same technology that gave us AC/DC and Pink Floyd planetarium light shows in the '80s now promises to give us thicker, fuller hair in the new millennium.

    WNBC News- New York, HairMax LaserComb in Clinical Trials November 7, 2002. Well Known reporter Roseanne Colletti special report on our clinical trial. Interview to Dr. Unger, clinical trial researcher and trial participant.

    Global TV Canada, Losing hair? Consider laser,  October 15, 2002
    Dr. Martin Unger was interviewed in Canadian National TV. Cary Solomon, who Uses Hairmax Comb said, "I don't have hair on the counter in the bathroom and I'm not losing any more hair."

    The Medical Post,
    The LaserComb Could Help Hair, Oct 15, 2002
    Newspaper for Canadian Medical Professionals.

    Five Star Productions (Health Video News Release, seen on National News across the USA):   Low-Level Laser Therapy Helps Hair Growth. August 2002
    Lasers have been used for vision correction, orthopedic surgery and a wide range of medical treatments. Now, there is a recent development in Low Level Laser Therapy that is allowing people dealing with problematic hair  to use this technology at home.

    Arrive-Amtrak's Magazine: Give Me a Head of Hair: July/August 2002
    Where to turn when your hair starts to thin. Hair to the Max. If your hair are thinning you might want to consider the HairMax LaserComb.

    First Business News: National TV morning business news from Washington DC:  July 29, 2002
    A LaserComb may shine new light on Hair. Distributed by Conus Communication

    FOX News Miami: Distributed nationally via CNN News feed: May 2002- High-Tech Hair
    An old saying: your hair is your crowning glory. That's why losing it can be so devastating. But what if you could get those back?

    MAXIM Magazine for Men: Top Gear ORGIZMO!- Best Head
    May 2002-Page 192
    "All the world’s greatest gadgets in one place, some of them so cool we just had to take ’em home".

    CBS 10 NEWS Extra: Could the LaserComb shine new light on hair
    February 28, 2002 Researchers at a Clearwater clinic hope to find out if the red glow of laser light has the power to help hair.

    CBS 10 NEWS Extra: Laser treatment to be tested in Clearwater- Dec 13, 2001  Thinning hair is a problem that many men have to deal with, but 30 percent of women also are affected. But soon clinical trials will begin in Clearwater on a new product.

    Associated Press. Laser Comb Designed To Help Hair- Nov 2001. Device Helps Energize Hair . AP news bulletin released throughout the USA.

    ABC WPVI Philadelphia. Action News HealthCheck Reports. There's a new high-tech tool to combat hair loss. Sept 18, 2001
    News story highlighting HairMax. 

    MEDSTAR Television. Medical and Health News National Release.  30 second Health News clip seen on local TV News around the USA. Sept-Oct 2001.
    If your follicly challenged a news laser loaded weapon is just what you need to add to your hair care arsenal.

    Plastic Surgery Products-Laser for Hair Loss. July 2001. Page 36.
    HairMax LaserComb is an effective remedy for hair care and hair health. HairMax LaserComb uses low-level, cold beam laser, arranged like the teeth of a comb. This method offers thicker hair and faster follicle regeneration.

    NY Daily News- The Battle Of the Hair. July 16, 2001.
    Promising new treatments may mean hairless pates will be a look of the past. The Laser Solution.

    USA Today- Finally. Hair Care Treatment in a Healthy New Light. July 11, 2001. Advatorial. Today, more and more professionals specializing in hair care offer low-level laser treatment. It is safe, gentle and works on men and women. Now you can treat yourself at home with the unique LaserComb. And, instead of paying thousands of dollars for ongoing treatment, spend just hundreds with a one-time purchase.

    Charlotte Observer- The Latest: Let Laser Bring Back What Nature Took Away - July 8 2001. For hair-challenged Men and Women there is a new alternative. The HairMax LaserComb- listed recently in Time Magazine as one of the best new inventions of 2001- uses low level cold beam laser arranged like the teeth of a comb.

    GALLERY Magazine -Toys For Men. July 2001 -Page 12
    The low-level cold beam laser can give you a healthier scalp and unstress your tresses. It's safety tested, easy to work with, and comes with a money-back guarantee. So what do you have to lose? 

    GQ Magazine - Hair Apparent. June 2001 - Page 162
    Enter the next generation of artillery in the fight against the Great Recession: the HairMax LaserComb. For $650, you can bombard your scalp with cold-beam lasers to thicken and nourish existing hair.

    Fox News - Miami, Hair Today  May 15, 2001
    News report about a Transplant Surgeon using Laser in his practice. Please note this Laser is similar to the Conventional Laser Hood as seen on our 'Proven Technology' page.
    This device uses very similar Laser to the LaserComb.

    MSNBC - Houston, Hair Thinning No Laughing Matter May 21, 2001 
    For some men and women who experience hair troubles, comments about being one of the hair challenged are no laughing matter.

    ABC News- Click10 Miami,  New Hope for Hair. May 15, 2001
    Great story interviewing Dr. Janee Steinberg, of Advanced Cosmetic Laser Center  and Dr. Bauman of Bauman Medical Group on their uses and hopes for LaserComb in hair care.

    Barbara Walters 'The View', April 27, 2001
    Live demonstration of HairMax LaserComb as a 'Hot New Product'., March 26, 2001
    What would you rather have...A Palm Pilot or a Hair Care Clinic in the palm of your hand? Learn about the hair raising new invention.

    Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used  in Europe for over thirty years and has been the subject of numerous studies with over 2,500 scientific papers published worldwide. There are no reported side effects to LLLT treatments which are painless, and non-toxic.

    Until recently, LLLT has been relatively underutilized in North America. Today, however, there is increasing awareness and acceptance of low level laser among practitioners.

    International practitioners are realizing the benefits of LLLT more than ever before, while North American consumers are increasingly willing to try alternative treatments. The LLLT used in the HairMax LaserComb is non-invasive and without any known side effects.


    What Is Low Level Laser ?

    Low Level Laser is a term adopted by the laser therapy community to differentiate this form of treatment from high power lasers such as those used in surgery. Low Level Laser and, lately, Light Therapy are commonly abbreviated as LLLT. The laser energy produced by the LaserComb is within the accepted level of LLLT. The HairMax uses a laser diode operating in the red portion of the visible color spectrum. Laser energy is different from natural light in several ways. It is monochromatic, which means all the energy is essentially one wavelength or color whereas a light bulb produces a broad spectrum of light and energy waves. Laser energy is also collimated, it means it is a tight beam of light energy that spreads or diverges only a little at great distances while a light bulb loses its brightness very quickly with distance.

    Laser energy is also coherent. All energy consists of waves of energy and in the light bulb these waves are not organized or in sync with each other. The waves of light energy produced by a laser are synched or in phase with each other. These characteristics make laser energy a truly unique form of light energy.

    LLLT is used throughout the world and for the energy produced by the HairMax there are no reported or known adverse side effects.

    High Power Lasers vs. Low Level Laser

    There are two types of lasers: high power and low power. High power lasers are used to cut through tissue and give off heat. Low level laser on the other hand does not give off heat and uses photo energy.

    The FDA and HairMax LaserComb

    The laser used in Lexington International’s HairMax LaserComb is the result of 18 years of use and research. The HairMax LaserComb complies with USA requirements laser product safety standards and the LaserComb is currently being marketed for cosmetic appearance claims such as healthier, fuller, shinier and stronger hair. A clinical trial under FDA guidelines is underway to qualify and quantify efficacy on both men and women of all ages.
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