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Spectral DNC-L ® combines all the latest science into one aggressive hair-growth treatment.

Package: 2 Oz. (60 ml) - 30 day supply Price: $45.00

More than minoxidil alone. More than any single drug. Spectral DNC-L — today’s most advanced hair-growth treatment — combines all the latest science into one convenient formula to perform through multiple pathways.

A true breakthrough, Spectral DNC-L delivers the most aggressive, most powerful, most effective topical treatment to retain and regrow hair because it fuses a broad spectrum of clinically proven compounds. This recipe is not like any other product available over the counter or by prescription.

Spectral.DNC-L deposits cutting-edge ingredients deep below the surface of the scalp, where they can really perform, through proprietary nanosome encapsulation. These tiny nanosomes — micro-spheres of organic liposome 200 times smaller than human skin cells — have a composition similar to skin. Unlike common lotions, they burrow into the dermis to release their precious cargo slowly over time, for maximum effect.

In a cream base for easy application without dripping, Spectral DNC-L starts with research-grade 5% minoxidil, the best-known molecule proven by clinical trials to trigger hair growth. Then it adds three natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors to suppress the hormone dihydrotestosterone that triggers male pattern baldness. It pioneers use of the amino acid arginine to stimulate nitric oxide formation, mediate cell activity, and feed hungry follicles.

An army of auxiliary agents reinforce these ingredients. Natural botanicals combat fungal colonization and reduce sebum. Soothing retinol calms inflamed tissues. Aminexil SP94® strengthens roots. Vitamins and minerals contribute to nutrition. Capsicum stimulates.

This coordinated attack against baldness means that Spectral DNC-L protects against damage, slows hair loss, improves follicle health, and grows new hair longer, thicker, and faster than any other product.

The bottom line is: You get to keep the hair you have, regrow the hair you lost, and live the life you really want.

Spectral DNC-L performs more dramatically than minoxidil alone because a broad spectrum of active ingredients perform through multiple pathways.


All treatments work better in the early stages of baldness, since hair follicles atrophy over time. But Spectral DNC-L is indicated for men with advanced androgenic alopecia — male pattern baldness of 4 or greater on the Norwood scale — because it grows hair with several complementary agents that perform through multiple pathways.

Clinically proven ingredients include minoxidil, procyanidins, arginine, adenosine, three 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, and an army of compounds to enhance their performance. The breakthrough formula treats follicular dysfunction more aggressively, powerfully, and effectively than any other product.

Patients who do not respond to minoxidil alone do perceive dramatic new hair growth after just three months of using Spectral DNC-L.

If your hair loss results from genetic factors, then treatment must continue to retain your new hair. Otherwise, follicles would regress in two or three months. While Spectral DNC-L can control androgenic alopecia, as of yet no formula cures it permanently. Once new hair is achieved, patients can switch to Spectral DNC ® or Spectral RS ® for maintenance.


Massage Spectral DNC-L into your scalp twice per day for three months to witness amazing results.

Twice each day — morning and night and after bathing — dispense enough cream onto your fingertips to cover the affected area completely. Massage it evenly into the scalp, then wash your hands with soap. Allow Spectral DNC-L to dry completely before styling.

Treat consistently for three months, without missing an application, before attempting to evaluate results. Continue treatment to retain your new hair.

For a more intensive start, especially after years of balding, add a mid-day treatment of Spectral DNC ®. This spray, with a complementary formula, acts through additional pathways for a broader attack on balding.

KEY Ingredients:

Active ingredient: Minoxidil 5% Other ingredients: Xanthan Gum; PEG-100; Isopropyl Palmitate; Octadecyl Alcohol; Hexadecanol; Glycerin Monostearate; White Camphor Oil; Oleanolic Acid, Silicon Oil; Propylene Glycol; Proprietary Nanosome Dispersion of Verbascoside, Flax Seed Extract Standardized with Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside, and Serenoa Repens (Saw Palmeto) Extract; Procyanidin B-2 and C-1; Adenosine, Retinol; Vitamin and Mineral Complex; Ivy (Hedera Helix); Hops (Humulus Lupulus); Diaminopyrimidine Oxide (Aminexil), Piractone Olamine; Emu Oil; Menthol; Arginine; Copper Tripeptide, DMDMH; Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile; Phenoxyethanol.

Among numerous innovations, Spectral DNC-L delivers extracts of unparalleled purity with advanced nanosome encapsulation. Through this proprietary technology, micro-spheres of organic liposome — similar to a human skin cell in composition, but 200 times smaller — deposit their compounds deep within the scalp. While common creams and lotions just sit on the surface, tiny nanosomes fuse with affected tissues, dissolving gradually over 12 hours and targeting their payloads for maximum performance.

We obtain these precious ingredients naturally, through gentle mechanical compression, not harsh chemical extraction. This organic approach preserves molecular integrity and creates an optimal product, although it does result in a lower yield.

The opulent formula also requires less alcohol, propylene glycol, and other fillers, since it oozes with emollients chosen to condition, soothe, and moisturize the scalp, not to inflame it further.

Minoxidil. Spectral.DNC-L starts with highly effective research-grade 5% minoxidil because, as the first drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), it remains the best-known and most widely used.

Before Rogaine® in the 1990s, minoxidil was taken orally as a vasodilator to treat Arterial hypertension high blood pressure. Then researchers discovered an interesting side effect: serious hair growth. Since then, hundreds of trials involving thousands of subjects have proven that minoxidil regrows hair on the vertex of the scalp.

According to pioneering research conducted by Pharmacia and Upjohn, 26 percent of men between 18 and 49 reported moderate to dense re-growth of normal pigmented hair after four months of treating with minoxidil. Another 33 percent had some re-growth. Almost 20 percent of women between 18 and 45 reported moderate re-growth, while another 40 percent showed some. Researchers did not count vellus hairs (peach fuzz).

Over a decade of such experience means that Spectral DNC-L users can expect to hold off their encroaching bald spots and repopulate the vertices of their scalps. So hair today is hair tomorrow.

Arginine. Spectral DNC-L helps to strengthen and feed hair follicles because it contains the amino acid arginine, a metabolic precursor of nitric oxide, an important vasodilator and mediator of cutaneous cell function.

Chemical pathways for nitric oxide exist within each hair cell. Increasing the volume of intracellular nitric oxide increases the size and section of follicles.

But nitric oxide is a poisonous gas, so Spectral DNC-L does not contain it. Instead, the pioneering formula supports the body’s own natural synthesis of the molecule by incorporating the amino acid arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide.

In one method of action, nitric oxide increases blood flow to hungry hair follicles by relaxing vessels and causing Vasodilation dilation, helping hair to receive proper nutrition. Through another method of action, it acts as an important mediator in various cutaneous processes, such as melanogenesis, wound healing, and hyperproliferative skin diseases.

Exciting new research focuses on the role of nitric oxide in hair follicle cycling. A 2003 Berlin study demonstrated for the first time that human papilla cells produced the substance. Researchers believe it to be a signaling molecule in those cells, and basal- and androgen-mediated nitric oxide production to be involved in regulating hair follicle activity.

Arginine also plays a direct role in cell division, immune function, creatine formation, and protein synthesis. It helps to prevent wasting in people with critical illnesses. Symptoms of deficiency include hair loss, skin rash, and poor wound healing.

In Spectral DNC-L, the creative addition of arginine means improved blood flow, nutrition, and overall regulation of follicles, so they can grow hair fibers of greater diameter.

Phytosterol 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. Spectral DNC-L deploys three potent compounds that inhibit the activity of 5-alpha-reductase because that enzyme converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which damages hair follicles. These phytosterol extracts are olive (standardized with verbascoside), saw palmetto (serenoa repens), and flax seed (standardized with secoisolariciresinol diglucoside). Nanosomes deliver the 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors deep within the scalp.

In patients sensitive to DHT, closely associated with male pattern baldness, the hormone seems to choke follicles by interfering with the enzyme adenylate cyclase. This disruption increases sebum production and decreases hair growth. When hormonal concentrations become high, thick terminal hairs whither to become thin vellus hairs (peach fuzz).

Spectral DNC-L strongly inhibits the action of 5-alpha-reductase, thus limiting DHT, sebum, and hair loss.

The best inhibitor, olive extract standardized with its active ingredient, verbascoside, blocks 5-alpha-reductase for healthy sebum regulation. Ripe olives contain biophenols, a class of molecule known for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. A major component of the biophenols, verbascoside inhibits 5-alpha-reductase type-2 at a rate 3.5 times greater than the second compound, serenoa repens.

Saw palmetto berries (serenoa repens) contain lipids with a mix of fatty acids, alcohols, and phytosterols (plant-based sterols). Saw palmetto supports both prostate and hair health by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase and thus DHT. Its method of action is so similar to the anti-alopecia drug finasteride (Propecia) that saw palmetto now generates a wave of research on preventing hair loss.

A third 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, flax seed extract standardized with secoisolariciresinol diglucoside, is a nonsteroidal compound with activity similar to estrogen.

The inclusion of these three natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors means that Spectral DNC-L works energetically to control damaging DHT, so hair follicles remain healthy and productive.

Procyanidins. Spectral DNC-L contains procyanidins, flavanols derived naturally from apples, because the latest research indicates they restore the hairline nearly as effectively as minoxidil restores the vertex.

Epithelial cells of a hair follicle include the outer root sheath, inner root sheath, and bulb matrix. The follicular dermal papilla, however, is a mesenchymal cell, more like bone and connective tissue. Hair growth relies on successful interaction between these two cell types.

Procyanidin oligomers (simple polymers) promote both epithelial and mesenchymal cell health, which induces anagen-phase growth. Such stimulation may be all that is required to overcome some androgenetic alopecia.

These photos compare telogen-stage hair re-growth after 19 days using procyanidin B-2, minoxidil, or placebo. Hair on the backs of mice was shaved and a topical solution applied daily. Figure A shows normal re-growth with a placebo. Figure B shows growth using 1% minoxidil. Figure C shows 1% procyanidin B-2.

In vivo, the effectiveness of minoxidil (fig. B) and procyanidin (fig. C) are equivalent. After such promising results with mice, Japanese laboratories conducted a human study. A double-blind clinical trial investigated the effect of a 1% procyanidin B2 solution over four months. Nineteen men received procyanidin; 10 received a placebo.

In the procyanidin group, a dramatic 79 percent showed greater hair diameter, compared to 30 percent in the placebo group. The treated group also showed a higher ratio of hairs over 40 micrometers in diameter and higher total number of hairs.

Researchers concluded that procyanidin B-2 treatment shows promise as a cure for male pattern baldness, and appears to carry no adverse side effects.

This promising research means that Spectral DNC-L, which includes both procyanidin B-2 and C-1 in concentrations greater than the 1% tested, produces the most efficient hair growth. So multiple methods of action work to restore the hairline.

Adenosine. This nucleoside plays an important role in hair growth because it works in biochemical processes like energy transfer (adenosine triphosphate and adenosine diphosphate) and signal transduction (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).

The potent anti-inflammatory is under study for both hair growth and wound healing. For foot wounds, treatment with adenosine has drastically increased tissue repair and reconstruction in animals.

For androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), adenosine proved very promising in a recent investigation conducted in Tokyo and Yokohama. On the theory that adenosine up-regulates the expression of fibroblast growth factor 7 and vascular endothelial growth factor on cultured dermal papilla cells, investigators assessed 101 volunteers in a randomized double-blind trial, comparing an adenosine 0.75% topical lotion against one with niacin amide 0.1%.

They applied the lotions twice daily for six months, then evaluated scalp coverage and the ratio of vellus hairs to thick hairs. For increasing the ratio of thick hairs, as well as global improvement, adenosine proved superior to niacin amide, producing a higher ratio of thick hairs and lower ratio of vellus hairs. Side effects were not found.

This emerging science means that adenosine in Spectral.DNC-L may stimulate hair growth without side effects, so users can restore both hair and lifestyle.

Aminexil SP94 ®. The patented molecule Aminexil SP94 makes Spectral DNC-L clearly superior to other hair-growth products because, after minoxidil, Aminexil is the medication most clearly proven to grow hair. In clinical trials, it preserves hair, protects roots, and strengthens fibers. The treatment emerged from 10 years of proprietary research by L’Oreal Laboratories.

Hair loss often results when roots become rigid, compress the blood vessels that nourish them, and cause strands to fall out. With androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), the problem starts at the hairline and vertex, then spreads. Hairs get finer, with a shorter life span, until they disappear altogether.

Aminexil, a real innovation in the fight against baldness, prevents this premature aging, which results technically from the rigidification of collagen. Once captured by the roots, Aminexil preserves the suppleness and elasticity of tissues that surround them. This action helps to build new fibers thicker, denser, and stronger.

In a trial with 120 men, hair loss began to slow down after three weeks. Hair also became softer to the touch. In a trial against placebo with 130 men, an additional eight percent of hair was maintained in growth phase after six weeks of use.

These results mean that Spectral DNC-L, with Aminexil SP94, preserves the vital functions of roots, so they can build stronger hair fibers.

Retinol. Spectral.DNC-L incorporates retinol, a fat-soluble form of vitamin A, because it improves the absorption and effectiveness of minoxidil. Often prescribed together, dermatological researchers have found that coupling retinol with minoxidil yields better results than using either alone.

To fight aging, vitamin A derivatives get absorbed by the skin directly, increasing turnover rate and building collagen for more youthful appearance. The antioxidant vitamin maintains  epithelial cells (membranes) as a physical barrier against infection, builds immune system cells, including B-cells, T-cells, and  natural killer cells, and affects production of human growth hormone.

For hair growth, retinol’s greatest effect is to control the proper functioning of sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, a complex mix of lipids that reduces water loss and protects the skin from infection.

But sebum also contains dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the androgenic hormone most responsible for male pattern baldness. Moderating sebaceous glands can lower DHT.

People ingest retinol in a precursor form. Animal sources contain retinyl esters. Plant  sources contain provitamin A carotenoids. The best-known is beta-carotene.

Topically, Spectral DNC-L applies retinol directly to the site of follicular challenge, so it enhances the performance of minoxidil and other hair-growth agents to help prevent and reverse hair loss.

Vitamin and mineral complex. Spectral.DNC-L contains a rich vitamin and mineral complex, especially biotin and mineral salts, because these chemicals support the energy transfer and metabolic functions of hair follicles.

A leading theory of hair loss is that oily sebum, laden with the hormone DHT, suffocates roots and causes hairs to fall out. Physical and emotional stress exacerbates this loss by disturbing hormonal balance and depleting essential vitamins and minerals. The body responds by producing more hormones, stimulating more sebum, causing more hairs to fall out.

The biotin in Spectral DNC-L, however, helps to break this damaging cycle by improving the metabolism of sebum. Dermatologists often prescribe this form of B vitamin — essential for hair, skin, and nail growth — as a supplement for patients under treatment for hair loss.

Biotin plays a key role in nature’s hair manufacturing process. When absorbed by the scalp, biotin penetrates the hair shaft, making it expand and thicken the cuticle.

The vitamin assists in production of fatty acids and metabolism of fats and amino acids. It plays a critical role in the Krebs cycle, a sequence of reactions through which oxidation of acetic acid provides energy for storage in phosphate bonds, such as in adenosine triphosphate.

The key role of vitamins and minerals in cutaneous health means they become key ingredients in Spectral DNC-L as well, so hair remains thick and strong.

Herbal extracts. The pure extracts of ivy, hops, and capsicum added to Spectral DNC-L stimulate the effectiveness of minoxidil, Aminexil, and other growth agents because these compounds are known to speed circulation and deliver nutrition to affected tissues.

Applied topically, they penetrate the scalp near the roots, promote blood circulation, scavenge free radicals, block DHT, and oppose harmful bacteria.

The fruits of capsicum plants go by the English names chili, bell, red, and green pepper. In their native Mexico, where people have cultivated chiles since 3000 BC, varieties also include ancho, chipotle, guajillo, habanero, jalapeño, mulato, poblano, and serrano. Most contain capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide), a colorless, odorless, hydrophobic, crystalline or waxy substance that burns when it touches mucosa.

Mammals generally find this unpleasant, but capsaicin plays an increasing role in Western medicine as a circulatory stimulant and pain reliever.

Hops, also contained in Spectral DNC-L, have well-established medicinal uses and well-studied chemical properties. Two of their many active ingredients are humulene, found in the essential oils, and lupuline, an alkaloid extracted as a colorless  volatile  liquid. The dried female buds of hops contain  methylbutenol, a mild sedative to the  central nervous system. Hop tea treats  insomnia and stress. Hops also contain  flavonoids, aromatic antioxidants known to convey health benefits, and have been studied for anti-viral and antimycobacterial properties.

These natural herbal assistants mean that hair-growth agents contained in Spectral DNC-L can work more effectively, so weak hairs can get stronger faster.

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