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->Proguard 60x3 tablets of 500mg $89 (canadian dollars) approx US$ 52, 60x6 tablets of 500mg $168 (canadian dollars) approx US$ 99, 60x12 tablets of 500mg $300 (canadian dollars) approx US$ 177It is a product in capsules. Every bottle contains 60 capsules of 500 mg. prosta.jpg (2436 byte)

Want to take Propecia, but don't want to risk any side effects? Try the natural alternative to Propecia, ProstaGuard. ProstaGuard is a mixture of 500mg of Saw Palmetto, 112.5mg of Zinc, and 75mg of Vitamin B6,  magnesium,  Korean ginseng, couch grass and horsetail together with vitamin C and amino acids. All have been shown to help lower and block the hormone DHT (the same hormone Propecia lowers).

While no studies have been done yet to show that these herbs and minerals grow hair, it makes sense that if it does the same thing naturally as Propecia, then it should work the same way when it comes to growing hair! Saw Palmetto has been used for over a hundred years as a treatment to prostate problems and is known to be safe and effective.

Prostaguard is a good mix of component against 5-alfa-reductase and antiandrogen of natural origin.

It’s a natural alternative product or better additionally to Propecia, the best of three, perhaps.

The manufacturing house, suggest to assume two capsules in a day.

This product is not SUITABLE to women in pregnancy, and in kid.

The product, in base of saw palmetto, has antiandrogen effects, similar to finasteride, in fact it can stop alpha-reduttasi of testosterone, the citosilic receptor of dht, as well as the estrogen citosilic receptor.

This product has been studied for stopping hairlosses and to provoke regrowth, annulling or decreasing possible collateral effects (even if in low %), respect to more powerful Propecia, even if it is this last without doubt the most effective.

I take one tablet of natural anti DHT in one day, together with one capsule of Propecia.

This very decrease the percentage of insuccessful treatment.

Other similar products are: Bio-Organics Saw Palmetto Complex, Proguard, Hairgenesis Hair Revitalizing Formulation and Spencer Forrest Anti-Androgenic Hair Growth Complex.

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