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    It is a product of the Spencer Forrest, known for the products of high quality in the sector of the temporary integral hair products, as for example Toppik.

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    Veromax (product against impotence and for stamina alternative or addition to Viagra) is a product for restore your stamina and enhance sexual performance.

    It is possible to classify the product as the natural alternative to Viagra.

    In the United States alone, over thirty-five million adult men have experienced a decline in sexual performance and their ability to achieve and maintain a satisfactory penile erection.

    Per anni, many suffered the humiliaton of declining sexual performance in silence, often thinking it was simply the result of aging, or too embarassed to consult their doctor.

    Medical science has made tremendous strides in the area of impotence and male sexual performance.

    The causes of sexual dysfunction or declining performance can be grouped into two broad categories : emotional or physical.

    Emotions can have a direct negative effect on performance, stress being the prime cause.

    A man's ability to achieve and sustain an erection can be influenced by several factors: poor nutrition, past injury, aging, or interaction with prescription drugs to name a few.

    Put simply, male sexual function requires that when sexually aroused, the body's arteries supply sufficient inflow of blood to the penis and that veins allow proper outflow. More importantly, blood must be temporarily "trapped" inside the penis to achieve and sustain an erection.

    The exact substance that allow this "trapping" to occur is Cyclic-GMP.

    Veromax, invented by Dr. M.J.Duckett, MD, Board Certified Urologist, and based on over 20 years of work in the field of impotence, is a scientifically-based formula of naturally occurring substances, studied for increasing cyclic-GMP.

    The instructions explain that the normal dosing is of 1 capsule to the morning and 1 capsule the evening.

    The wrapping of 60 capsules contains: Jujube dates (Zizyphi fructus), 212.5 mg of L-Arginine, L-Alanine, Glutamic Acid and L-Lysine,   237.5 mg of Korean Ginseng Root, Saw Palmetto Berry and Gingko Biloba Leaf.

    It dramatically increases energy and stamina and increase nitric oxide synthetase leading to improved penile rigidity.

    Veromax compared with Viagra, the famous medicine studied scientifically and approved by the FDA
    Natural formula
    Chemical product
    No prescription required
    Prescription required
    Helps maintain erection
    Helps maintain erection
    enough expensive
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